Like most people in Chicago, I spent the bulk of the summer complaining.

Rain. Rain. Rain. Cool weather. Only one hot weekend. To be honest with you, I really felt jipped.

Now granted, I grew up in the South, and there is obviously a marked difference between the climates. But this was my third full summer in the Second City, and let me tell you, it normally rivals any heat and humidity that I grew accustomed to in Mississippi – if only for a few weeks.

Now that Fall has truly staked its claim in the city, maybe I should rethink some of my unhappiness.

Thanks to the all of the rain and cooler temperatures, Mother Nature has granted us with the most amazing colors covering the landscapes.

Not only that, but it seems as if the change will last forever. Even though some trees have already lost all of the foliage, there are still many that have not even begun to shed their green.

So summer, I take it all back. I now welcome the fact that I didn’t have to sweat all day, every day. I’m getting over us having more rain than Seattle did in the same time period. So what if I ruined a brand-new pair of shoes walking through the mud pit masquerading as Lollapalooza?

Looking out my window now, I know that it was all worth it.








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