Living in a city like Chicago, it is commonplace to see graffiti everywhere. (Even though spray paint is illegal in the city – found that out the hard way while working on a project.)

Although a lot of the tagging is unseemly, every once in a while I come across something that actually grabs my attention. Most are funny, some are even a tad bit poignant. But the common factor for them all is the simple randomness of the statements.

Here are a few points of view I’ve spotted around recently:


NAIL BITTER: A HABIT I DON’T HAVE TO PAY FOR. (Yes, it’s misspelled, but amazing anyway.)


CLAM CHOUDER: Again, we have a bad speller on our hands. This tag started showing up everywhere a few months ago – and brought the laughs. Unfortunate gang moniker, I think.


ETHAN WAS HERE: Unfortunately, sometime after April 2008 someone let him know that no one cared. Poor Ethan.





FORGIVE, FORGIVE, FORGIVE YOURSELF: Truly one of the more uplifting tags around Uptown. I pass this each time I go to my friend Amy’s house. And each time I try to remember to forgive, forgive, forgive myself.


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